Leadership Team

Jonathan Nikkila

Vice President of Public Affairs

The Gardener

National Team

Hayley Arlin

Executive Assistant to the CEO and President

The Straight Shooter

National Team

Danielle Capalbo

Director of Communications

The Reporter

National Team

Su Cui

Finance and Operations Associate

The Doer

National Team

Elizabeth Frosch Taylor

Vice President of Strategy and Operations

The Advisor

National Team

Farah Khan

Senior Creative Director

The Designer

National Team

Ned Stanley

Director of Media Relations and National Voices Director

The Strategist


Toni Williams

State Outreach & Advocacy Manager

The Connector


Aisha Heredia

Community Outreach & Organizing Manager

The Idealist


Anne Salorio

Communications Associate

The Writer


Charlie Bufalino

Director of Policy & Strategy

The Ambassador


Yannell Selman

Executive Director & Founder, P.S. 305

La Jefa


Mina Hosseini

Education Organizer, P.S. 305

The Connector


Marcus Brandon

Executive Director, CarolinaCAN

The Politico