National Team

Ned Stanley

Director of Media Relations and National Voices Director

The Strategist

National Team

Hayley Arlin

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

The Straight Shooter

National Team

K.B. Kim

People and Operations Manager

The Challenger

National Team

Carly Cloud

Communications Associate

The Inspirer

National Team

Andi Shaw

Digital Experience Manager

The Closer


Toni Williams

State Outreach & Advocacy Manager

The Connector


Hamish MacPhail

Policy & Research Director

The Neighbor


Stephen Sidorak

Public Affairs Manager

The Amplifier


Aisha Heredia

Community Outreach & Organizing Manager

The Idealist

TEN - Colorado

Carla Blanc

Community Development Coordinator

The Crusader

TEN - Colorado

Ryan Nelson

Communications Associate

The Scribe


Laura Hunt

Manager of Advocacy and Strategy

The Engager

P.S.305 - Miami

Mina Hosseini

Executive Director, P.S. 305

The Campaigner


Marcus Brandon

Executive Director, CarolinaCAN

The Politico