Derrell Bradford Leadership Team

Derrell Bradford

Executive Vice President, NYCAN Executive Director

The Disruptor

Lisa Gibes Team Strategy

Lisa Gibes

VP of Strategy & External Relations

The Maestro

Team Strategy

Kathryn Duval

Director of External Relations & National Giving

The Wordsmith

Team Strategy

Meheret Woldeyohannes

Executive Assistant to the CEO

The Nexus

Team Advocacy

Farah Khan

Senior Creative Director

The Designer

Team Advocacy

Alexander Jue

Policy & Research Manager

The Harmonizer

Team Advocacy

Singer Crawford

Digital Communications Associate

The Hacker

Team Growth

Mark Johnston

Director of Trainings

The Coach

Team Growth

Katie Hanna

Development Associate

The Closer

Team Operations

Stephanie Chapman

Operations & Technology Manager

The Multitasker

Team Operations

Su Cui

Finance and Operations Associate

The Doer

Team Impact

Christine Dinsay

Executive Assistant to the President

The Nurturer


Steven Quinn

State Outreach Manager

The Organizer


Morganne Firmstone

Director of Advocacy & Public Affairs

The Go-Getter


Rachel Amankulor

Deputy Director of Policy

The Instigator


Bill Fischer

External Affairs Director

The Consultant


Charlie Bufalino

Director of Policy & Strategy

The Ambassador

Education Advocacy Fellow

Amanda Aragon

Education Advocacy Fellow, New Mexico

The Optimist

Education Advocacy Fellow

Seth Saavedra

Education Advocacy Fellow, New Mexico

The Alchemist


Alissa Bernstein

Executive Director, Partnership for Educational Justice

The Defender


Eva Colen

Executive Director & Founder, Virginia Excels

The Firecracker


Jenese Jones

Executive Director, Faith Leaders for Excellent Schools

The Spark