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Alyssa Carr
Development Associate

Alyssa grew up in rural East Texas before making her way to Baylor University, where she studied communications. While attending Baylor, Alyssa became passionate about equity and social justice reform through her Foundations of Social Justice class. In 2020, she began her career in development at an education-focused organization in Nashville, TN. With a variety of prior fundraising, database, marketing and events experience, Alyssa made the move to 50CAN to join in the mission to advance education for kids, no matter their address.

Trading in her southern roots for the Midwest, Alyssa currently resides in Chicago with her partner, Adam, and their pup, Ember. You’ll often see her at her local farmers market, favorite coffee shop or catching a flight to visit her friends and family.

More about Alyssa Carr
I aspire to be like a child. Here's why:

Children are courageous, resilient, funny and have an unwavering belief that they can do anything. I hope I carry these qualities with me all my life.

Why I love my job:

My role as Development Associate allows me to utilize my skills and gifts to make things happen behind the scenes! It’s an honor to work with 50CAN supporters and staff to create meaningful change in education.

My connection to public schools:

I am a product of K-12 public schools across three different states. Ultimately graduating from a rural high school in Maud, TX, I recognize public education’s role in who I am today. Additionally, I am the daughter, sister and niece of public school educators. They are my heroes!

What I’m bad at:

Accepting that I can’t be good at everything… especially golf.

The image that represents why I work at 50CAN:

My time working at Preston Taylor Ministries, a Nashville organization that empowers children and youth to discover and live their dreams, develop a love for learning and build joyful friendships – gave me first-hand experience with the inequity that exists in education. The students I grew to know and love represent my vision for championing change for every student, regardless of their address.