About 50CAN

50CAN is an education advocacy organization focused on building the future of American education by delivering on five promises to our children.

Our four approaches–advocate, spark, build, and serve–are ushering in new pathways to learning that are helping millions of kids right now get the support they need to thrive.

Create Change

At our core, 50CAN is a network of state-based, local leaders who ADVOCATE and drive change at the local level through first-in-class advocacy.

Spark Ideas & Better Solutions

This local advocacy is complemented by our investments to find fresh policies and new voices who SPARK ideas and advance the public will in favor of the big educational changes that are necessary.

Let's Build Together

We also partner with educational entrepreneurs who BUILD new proof points of what’s possible in an education system where kids can truly learn anywhere.

Support those that Serve

And we support committed leaders on local school boards and in statehouses who SERVE the public by putting the interests of kids first.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to build the dynamic, student-centered American education system of the future that provides a high-quality education for all kids, regardless of their address.

We work toward this mission through the pursuit of policies aligned to Believe in Better, our vision for the future, centered on five policy promises to America’s children:

Believe in Better

The education that’s right for you, because every student learns differently.

Believe in Better

Tutoring and care for every student in every community.

Believe in Better

A world of open and connected learning, so that you have the tools you need to strengthen your community and succeed in life.

Believe in Better

A family’s right to know what’s working–it’s all about accountability.

Believe in Better

A clear path to the career you choose. It’s about finding your fit, and your pathway to a meaningful life.

Our Approach

Our organization believes in the potential of every child and recognizes the need to invest in education. The current education systems are inadequate, especially in the post-pandemic recovery. To address this, we emphasize local leadership, collaboration, innovative policies and effective advocacy tools. Our goal is to ensure that every child receives a quality education and we are committed to learning, adapting and driving grassroots change.

Our Goals

At 50CAN, we prioritize transparent, open advocacy, recognizing that sharing real-time progress strengthens accountability, promotes trust and accelerates learning. Each year, we announce our state and organizational goals, provide ongoing campaign updates, and conduct a year-end wrap-up to assess our collective achievements and chart the way forward.

Our Team

50CAN is, ultimately, about people. We are working to build an organization where talented advocates are able to do the best work of their lives in a culture that supports and sustains them.

Interested in working at 50CAN?

Are you a dreamer? A doer? A world-changer? Do you care deeply about the experiences of students and families in our education system? You might be the next member of the 50CAN family. Explore the open positions in our network and apply today!

Take A Closer Look

Our Commitment to Financial Transparency

We rely on your support for our work, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the contributors who have supported the 50CAN network since its inception. In our advocacy efforts, we prioritize openness and transparency, providing comprehensive documentation of our sources of revenue and support. We are proud to share our CANnual Reports and 990s with you.

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