Careers at 50can

At 50CAN, we’re always seeking passionate, optimistic leaders who are committed to building a future education system that provides limitless opportunities for all kids. Interested in joining the 50CAN family? See our current available roles.

50CAN is, ultimately, about people. We are working to build an organization where talented advocates are able to do the best work of their lives in a culture that supports and sustains them.

Meet some of our staff:

Values & Culture at 50CAN

We are a team of innovators, doers and education changemakers. Guided by our leadership principles, our team culture is fueled by optimism in the face of challenges. We see every win—and every setback—as an opportunity to learn from what’s working today and envision what might be possible tomorrow. Each member of our team pushes for excellence, exhibiting candor and humility in all aspects. Being a part of the 50CAN team means embracing a sense of community, collaboration, and joining a diverse movement of talented leaders with fresh ideas to shape a brighter future for all students.

50CAN’s Core Values:

Plussing It

Borrowing a phrase from Walt Disney, we challenge ourselves to do great work and then go a step beyond that… and then a step beyond that. We strive for “better” and “best” in our work.


We believe deeply in the American dream and our ability to foster real change in our states, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. We approach tough challenges with high spirits.


We are dogged in pursuit of our mission and our goals. We don’t back down.


We are authentic about our challenges, mistakes and triumphs. We’re honest with others, and with ourselves.


We know we don’t have all the answers and that we can only succeed by constantly testing our assumptions, working in deep collaboration with others and grounding ourselves in diverse viewpoints from across our states. We learn from our successes and our failures and strive to constantly improve.

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