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Kenna Little
Vice President of Finance and Operations

Kenna (pronounced Kee-na) joins 50CAN as the new Vice President of Finance. She brings more than 15 years of financial management experience in the nonprofit sector with a focus on developing policies and procedures to improve performance and productivity. Before joining 50CAN, Kenna worked at several education-focused organizations such as the Georgia Association of Educators as CFO and a Georgia-based private school, which serves children with special needs, as the Business Manager. As a lifelong learner, she is a champion for education and believes in her passion to serve as a change agent supporting the efforts and people of 50CAN.

She also served in similar business operations roles at human service organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles and Maternal Outreach Management Systems in Orange County, California. She has also held leadership positions with The New Children’s Museum in San Diego, California. Kenna has successfully helped these organizations define their strategic direction, prepare new business plans, streamline financial and procedural policies and create monitoring and accountability systems.

Kenna grew up attending a private school in Jacksonville, Florida before her family moved to Georgia where she attended and graduated from the Cobb County public school system. She was educated at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and later, Kennesaw State University in Georgia. She’s in love with all things related to music, dance, reading and running, and has a great sense of humor. She actively serves on the board of her local Cobb County PTSA, where she also lives with her husband and their three young children.

More about Kenna Little
I aspire to be like myself. Here's why:

There are a lot of people I know (and a lot I don’t know) who exemplify characteristics that I really aspire to have, but as I’ve lived more life (gotten older), I realize that I am created to be the best version of myself. This has really come into view once I became a parent, and I want my children to be aware of their purpose and joy, and walk in that - in addition to being a compassionate, positive, productive member of society that enjoys their life and the people they surround themselves with. The best way to help them be their best is to try to live it myself. I think there’s a common thread with most people I am inspired by and these are some of the characteristics I believe are the most important.

Why I love my job:

I love my job because I know that I am contributing towards making a lasting/sustainable positive impact in our communities who are not represented as they should. It’s amazing to work with like-minded individuals who are taking a stand for issues and the people who need our support. We are pushing and pioneering new opportunities for the future.

My connection to public schools:

My educational experience split into the first half into a private school and then the second half into a public school, so there was a very clear difference in my experiences. I attended private schools initially because the public schools where we lived were not known as the “good ones.” I was able to attend public school later because we moved into an area where they were rated higher academically, were deemed safer and recognized for their athletics. I’m drawn to our work at 50CAN because I want ALL public schools to offer quality education, no matter the zip code.

What I’m bad at:

I love coffee…a lot! I would probably choose coffee as my main form of sustenance. It’s a problem, I know.

The image that represents why I work at 50CAN:

This picture represents what is easily my greatest accomplishment. I know that I would do everything to ensure that my children have the best opportunity for access to a great education and the life they desire. I work for 50CAN so that other children and families have the same opportunities my family does.