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Alex Lawrence
Vice President of Strategic Growth

Alex comes to the role of Vice President of Strategic Growth at 50CAN with over a decade of experience in development work within education advocacy organizations. Most recently, Alex held leadership roles in development at Educators for Excellence and GO Public Schools. She began her career here at 50CAN, where she was hired as the founding development associate in 2011, and went on to hold various other roles within the organization, including development director. Alex is a graduate of The George Washington University with a BA in sociology.

After spending many years in Washington DC and New York City, Alex returned to her hometown of Sacramento, CA in 2017. She lives in Midtown with her partner, Tom, their cat, Penny, and numerous indoor and outdoor plants that are experiencing various levels of success. In her spare time, you can find Alex on her Peloton or searching for the best chai latte in town.

More about Alex Lawrence
I aspire to be like José Andrés. Here's why:

José Andrés is a celebrated chef and a dedicated humanitarian, having founded World Central Kitchen, which has provided tens of millions of meals to people impacted by natural disasters, war, and other crises around the world. José is both the top of his craft and a passionate believer in using one’s talents for the greater good. Through WCK, he has not only provided something that is a nearly universal comfort to people during the hardest times in their lives, he has also taken on a difficult and potentially dangerous work for the benefit of others. José’s skill, passion, care, and fearlessness are all traits I wish to embody in my own life and work.

Why I love my job:

At 50CAN, we get things done. Every time I talk to someone on the team, I am blown away by their thoughts, goals, and achievements. Our team is taking on incredibly difficult work, fighting uphill battles that sometimes take years to see results, but everyone operates with optimism and sets the bar for success high. In my own role, I get to help ensure we have the resources needed to continue this work, while also flexing my own creative muscles to think about how we can find aligned partners and continue to grow the reach of our mission. It is pretty much a dream!

My connection to public schools:

I attended public schools in a suburb of Sacramento, CA from kindergarten through high school graduation. I received a great education that prepared me for college, but I didn’t realize that this wasn’t the norm until I left home for the first time. I am fortunate that my parents prioritized finding a place to live with great public schools, but I believe firmly that living in the right area shouldn’t dictate the quality of education one receives.

What I’m bad at:

I actually didn’t realize this until recently, but it turns out that I completely missed the boat when it comes to makeup. I have now entered a new world of learning about everything from primer to bronzer. Please send recommendations and pro tips.

The image that represents why I work at 50CAN:

One of my favorite things I have hanging in my office is this “Do Good Recklessly” flag. It can be daunting to think about the scale and urgency of the challenges we face and the gravity of the work we do. When I look at it, the flag grounds me in my own purpose and pushes me to keep finding ways—both in my work and my personal life—to do as much good as possible in big and small ways.