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The New Reality Roundup | Week 50

It is week 50 of our new reality and the debate over the right path forward for K-12 education in America shows no signs of slowing down.

Local advocates are advancing key education policies at state houses across the country while the Biden administration presses forward on an unprecedented $130 billion in additional educational aid to the states. The outcome of these legislative sessions and the way those federal dollars are spent will go a long way towards determining how well we meet the growing needs of 74 million K-12 students.

One important question under debate is what to do about summer, which we explored in our video interview with TennesseeCAN Executive Director Victor Evans in the last roundup and in the follow-up forum on tutoring as an emergency response. We also had a chance to take stock of what we learned in our 2020 policy campaigns with our new CANnual report.

This week, we focus on what it will take to provide every family with the option of in-person learning and how we can ensure that the funding we are providing to schools is equitably distributed.

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Interview with TennesseeCAN Executive Director Victor Evans

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, 50CAN will be working to connect with some of our country’s leading thinkers, educators and policymakers as they share their best thinking on needed adaptations for our education system, districts, schools and classrooms that will best serve students during this challenging and chaotic time.

Tennessee recently held a special legislative session to address the Covid-19 education crisis, resulting in three pieces of monumental legislation that was signed into law earlier this year. TennesseeCAN’s Victor Evans, who called for many of these changes back in April of last year, joins 50CAN’s Marc Porter Magee to discuss the victories and his team’s 2021 legislative agenda.