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Special Edition: The New Reality Roundup | Week 80

It is week 80 of our new reality. While some districts across the country have released detailed spending plans and budgets to the public, in most school districts we have no idea whether the tens of billions of dollars in emergency federal funds are being well spent.

That needs to change.

Securing transparency won’t be easy. That’s why across the 50CAN network, we are undertaking a coordinated advocacy campaign to ensure a parent’s right to know how districts will spend federal funds–line by line and dollar by dollar.

Last time in the New Reality Roundup, we made the case for a quality virtual option to keep learning happening despite quarantines, and spoke to Doug Lemov and Steven Farr on the importance of keeping great instruction going no matter what disruptions we face this school year.

Today, we outline a plan of action on district transparency and accountability to parents with a spotlight on the work already underway in Georgia.

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The New Reality Roundup | Week 76

It is week 76 of our new reality and in many schools and districts sharp divisions over masking and vaccinations threaten to derail an already difficult return to in-person schooling.

As our campaigns across the 50CAN network work with parent advocates to put the needs of students front and center, we are excited to announce Michele Mason as our new Chief Operating Officer. We’re thankful to have such a strong advocate for children with deep experience in schools and communities on the team at this key moment.

Last time in the New Reality Roundup, we spoke with Meredith Olson of the VELA Education Fund on the educational opportunities that await students outside of the schoolhouse walls and examined the need to meet parent demands for a full-time, virtual option.

This week, we look at how partisan debates over masking have obscured the much more significant problem lying before the education sector: the vast learning loss students have experienced nationwide. We also highlight the work of Keri Rodrigues and the National Parents Union to make sure the views of parents are front and center in the halls of power when decisions are made.