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Andi Shaw
Digital Experience Manager

Andi was born and raised in the sunny state of California and earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Management from California State University, San Marcos. After graduation she joined Sony Electronics and learned how to launch products and sell TVs. Feeling unfulfilled, however, she moved back to her hometown of Sacramento and joined the team at StudentsFirst.

StudentsFirst was Andi’s introduction to education reform and provided a space where she was able to connect the dots to help see past her privilege and limited experience. While working with the state teams and learning about the vast differences in what education looks like to students across the US, Andi found her place in the advocacy world.

More about Andi Shaw
I aspire to be like Alice Waters. Here's why:

Although I’m a very long way off the talent mark when it comes to cooking, my dream would be to have the ability to turn my passion of gardening into a project that changes the very fabric of a child’s life. The Edible Schoolyard Project combines fundraising for school gardens with edible education that teaches children the connections between the food they eat and the world they live in. Everyone should have the right to not only a good education but also good and nutritious food.

Why I love my job:

I love my job because it combines an equal amount of creativity and spreadsheets. Add a sprinkle of a good cause and I couldn’t be happier.

My connection to public schools:

Although I am a product of amazing public schools, I realize that it was luck and privilege that allowed me to attend some of the best schools in my neighborhood. Once I had children and was in the process of buying a home, I quickly realized that schools were my number one priority but that many people in my community don’t have that option. This is what motivates me in my daily work as I strive to help bring clarity to the inequalities of our current system.

What I’m bad at:

I am bad at showing the appreciation that reflect the amount that fills my heart. I am so lucky and surrounded by amazing people that do so much for me and my family. It is always my New Year’s resolution to do better.

The image that represents why I work at 50CAN:

These are the lights of my life, my home and my heart. I work for these moments, to make their lives better, and hopefully in the process, help to make the world a little bit better as well.