Give at least 10,000 more North Carolina children access to multiple school options.

Build a more diverse teacher workforce.

Make charters eligible for In-House Teacher Licensure Programs.

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Pass a student-centered, equity-based and inclusive funding formula.

Create a stronger, more flexible post-Covid education system that provides immediate attention to learning loss.

Enact minority teacher recruitment legislation.

Give students access to more high-quality education options, in particular those that maintain learning during the pandemic.

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Make Education Pods legal and accessible.

Codify a parents’ bill of rights that outlines expectations, engagement and options that should be given to parents.

Reform Delaware’s school funding system to a student-based system that includes funding for low-income students and ELL language learners.

Make Black history mandatory for all public school students.

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Support special needs families with educational options and direct aid for educational expenses incurred during Covid.

Ensure Georgia maintains an effective system of assessments, accountability and transparency.

Protect and expand high-quality charter school options in Georgia.

Build a more diverse teacher workforce.

Increase computer science line item to fund quality professional development to train and grow the number of computer science teachers across the state.

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Ensure 100% participation in learning through safe alternatives.

Preserve the integrity of the school year by maintaining adequate instruction time and providing clear and accessible assessment data.

Require all elementary and middle schools to teach computer science.

Pass legislation to codify universal access to high-speed internet and educational technology.

Ensure Hawaii collects student attainment data for individual industry-recognized credentials.

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Address student learning loss through innovative policy solutions.

Increase quality, quantity and diversity of state educators.

Provide equitable funding — including facilities funding — for all public schools in NJ, including charter and renaissance.

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Provide education stimulus funding to low-income students.

Guarantee a quality education for students in the state constitution.

Make funding available for Special Education students who are learning in remote or hybrid models.

Protect and expand quality charter school options for New Mexico families.

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Partnership for Educational Justice

Reform New York’s teacher tenure laws that prevent public school students from having access to great teachers.

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Establish a learning loss intervention program, with a focus on tutoring services.

Ensure successful administration of the spring 2021 state assessment.

Ensure that there is equitable funding for all students, through a reinvestment in the Charter
Facilities Grant Fund and other student-centered funding avenues.

Use federal stimulus dollars to expand the microgrant fund for all students.

Require all districts to release data assessing student learning loss and ensure that the state’s accountability framework remains intact.

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Transform Education Now (Denver area)

Advocate for expanded learning opportunity grants to families, high-intensity tutoring and other supports to mitigate learning loss as students return to the classroom.

Support community-driven solutions for additional options for families including supporting new school models and solutions for at home learning.

Advocate for measures to assess student learning and progress in order to provide appropriate and strategic interventions for students who may need additional support catching up after Covid related school shutdowns.

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