Grow funding and eligibility for choice programs

Empower parents whose children are impacted by Innovative School District (ISD) programs to become advocates for critical school changes

Revise policy and regulations concerning the state’s accountability system

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Increase educator diversity

Equitably fund all schools

Connect classrooms to career

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Remove regulatory burdens on families applying for school choice

Increasing undocumented student access to higher education

Improve school transportation funding flexibility to serve families and avoid waste

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Support children with special needs by providing additional support and flexibility within special needs scholarships

Enact policies to increase the number of high quality charter school seats

Protect and improve the teacher retirement system

Move Georgia to a student-centric funding formula

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Ease regulations preventing public school students from accessing beneficial internships and work-based learning experiences

Spur the state of Hawaii to use its existing school leader alternative certification program to fill staffing gaps in its schools

Provide financial incentives to schools when students obtain industry certifications in high-growth industries

Expand access and transparency for public school choice options

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Create public funding source(s) for charter school facilities

Expand access to excellent teachers for New Jersey schools

Create a public working group focused on workforce and K-12 educational alignment

Protect school and district accountability, including access to school, teacher and student performance

Protect charter school funding

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Ensure expanded funding benefits kids who need it most

Ensure New Mexico families continue to have quality school options

Sustain systems that provide families and educators with critical information

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Partnership for Educational Justice

Reform New York’s teacher tenure laws that prevent public school students from having access to great teachers

Preserving the DACA program’s educational benefits for students

Reform Minnesota’s teacher tenure laws that that prevent public school students from having access to great teachers

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P.S. 305

Expand and improve social and emotional learning supports in Miami-Dade schools

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Support student-centered policies that ensure resources are used where they matter most

Protect successful reforms that ensure high academic standards, an aligned assessment and a robust accountability framework

Expand school choice access and educational equity

Continue the state’s investment in the Charter School Facilities Grant Program

Increase funding for special education and response to intervention and ensure access to Individuals with Disabilities Education Act high-cost reimbursement for all public schools.

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Transform Education Now (Denver area)

Organize parents and develop community leadership to demand access to high quality schools in all neighborhoods

Continue to strengthen community expectations of their schools and build community ownership over improvement

Support policies that ensure greater student equity in opportunity and achievement

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Virginia Excels

Ensure the school funding formula distributes resources fairly based on student need

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