43 New Goals for 2020
January 28, 2020

Since 2011, 50CAN has secured more than 125 policy wins for kids across the country. As we approach our ten year anniversary, we’re embarking on our most ambitious year yet. In 2020, we’ll advocate for 43 policy goals across the country.


    • Give at least 10,000 more North Carolina children access to multiple school options.
    • Engage two local municipalities to increase their impact on local education policies and outcomes.
    • Build a diverse educator workforce that is more reflective of current student demographics.


    • Create equitable funding for public schools of choice.
    • Continue the progress of building a diverse educator workforce that reflects current student demographics.
    • Form a cross-sector Achievement Gap Task Force.
    • Include parent voices in school intervention strategies for chronically low performing schools.


    • Create a legal process to remove school board members who commit ethics violations and increase school board training requirements.
    • Increase access to state scholarships for low-income students, students of color and undocumented students with greater transparency for results.
    • Create a flexible, equitable, and transparent student-based funding system.
    • Increase access to rigorous courses for underrepresented populations by passing an “academic acceleration” policy in at least one school district.
    • Increase teacher diversity through targeted state funding for recruitment and retention.



    • Assist children with special needs by providing additional support and flexibility within the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program.
    • Support the continued growth of  high-quality charter schools.
    • Protect and improve the teacher retirement system.
    • Promote educational excellence and defend against rollback of accountability and transparency.
    • Expand and support students in enrolling and ultimately completing post-secondary education


    • Improve access to innovative educational options and increase transparency and access to the Hawaii DOE’s geographic exceptions process.
    • Ensure free FAFSA completion assistance for all graduating Hawaii seniors.
    • Incentivize schools to adopt a trauma-informed approach to student learning and support.
    • Grow the pipeline of school leaders and identify an alternative route to certification.
    • Launch a statewide campaign to close the achievement gap by 2030.
    • Incentivize schools to focus industry certification programs on high-demand, high-earning careers.



    • Strengthen the teacher talent pipeline to bring more high quality educators to New Jersey.
    • Secure facilities funding for all public schools, including  charter and renaissance schools.
    • Uphold statewide accountability, by maintaining high academic standards and aligned assessments.


    • Build a diverse educator workforce that is more reflective of current student demographics.
    • Enact legislation to require public reporting of school level budgets.
    • Sustain the systems that provide families and educators with critical information about school, educator and student performance.
    • Protect access to high-quality charter schools.

PS 305 (Miami)

    • Improve and expand social and emotional learning supports in Miami-Dade schools.

Partnership for Educational Justice

    • Reform the teacher tenure law in New York.
    • Preserve the DACA program’s educational benefits for students.


    • Increase funding for the state’s charter school facilities grant program.
    • Protect successful reforms that ensure high standards, an aligned assessment and a robust accountability framework.
    • Support student-centered policies that ensure resources are used where they matter most.
    • Support implementation of A-F school grades.

TEN (Denver)

    • Create a new, high-quality, bilingual school option in Adams 14.
    • Build community support to protect and expand high quality educational options in Denver Public Schools.
    • Create a district wide accountability tool in Westminster that communicates with parents and the community.
    • Create a new accountability tool in Denver that communicates academic and school culture outcomes to stakeholders.
    • Ensure a high quality academic experience for students of color and ELLs in Westminster Public Schools and better access to transparent information. Lead a pilot program for parents to co-create and expand extracurricular opportunities in Denver.
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