The 50CAN Guide to Building Advocacy Campaigns
November 2017

The 50CAN network has been building and running advocacy campaigns in communities across the country for years. But after searching far and wide, we’ve never found a book that we could give to advocates that would teach them what they need to know. So, we decided to create our own.

For the first time, we are bringing together all of our knowledge – with beautiful design – in one place that advocates can take with them on their journey. Over the past six months and after hundreds of meetings, we’ve created this book as a labor of love. Now we need your help to get it into the hands of hundreds of advocates all over the country.

This book is for anyone who is looking for a proven way to build an advocacy campaign, from novices to veterans. The approach is grounded in learning by doing, guiding you through the steps you need to create your own advocacy campaign. It also includes lots of blank spaces, templates and tools so that you can practice in real-time and come back to your ideas.


How to buy the 50CAN Guide to Building Advocacy Campaigns

Now that we’ve written the book, we need your help getting it out into the world. Purchase a copy of the 50CAN Guidebook on Amazon. Want to purchase the Guidebook in bulk or use the Guidebook for a training? Contact Ned Stanley for pricing and information.

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Tools & Templates

In the spirit of #OpenAdvocacy, we want to share the templates we use for building our own campaigns with the hope that they can help you build your own. Download these PDF resources to help bring your advocacy ideas to life:


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