Jonathan Cetel is the founding executive director of PennCAN. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

PennCAN has an exciting new tool for parents, students and advocates.

Today, I’m proud to present PennCAN’s 2013 School Report Cards.

Using scores from last year’s Pennsylvania System of School Assessment, we created a comprehensive database that grades each one of more than 2,800 public schools in Pennsylvania on how well they’re setting up our students for success.

Click here to view the report cards.

As we learned from our 2013 ‘State of Pennsylvania Public Education’ report, the achievement gaps in our state are far too wide and achievement across the board is far too low. This is echoed in our report cards, where nearly one in 10 schools earns an F in overall student performance because more than 60 percent of students are not at least proficient in both reading and math.

But the Commonwealth is also home to exemplar schools.

Like Young Scholars Charter School, a fantastic middle school where 85 percent of low-income students are proficient or above in math and reading. Or North Star East Middle School, which leads the way in serving low-income children by getting 95.3 percent of their kids at or above grade-level proficiency.

Click here to see our Top 10 Schools and meet other impressive schools like Young Scholars and North Star East.

These schools and these students prove that the achievement gap is solvable. Now it’s our job to make sure we put policies in place so that all Pennsylvania schools can reach these levels of success.

Check out our report card tool today and see how your school stacks up. Then, share your success story with us on Twitter @PennsylvaniaCAN or on our Facebook page.

Let’s make sure all of our schools, regardless of where they are or the kids they serve, are success stories.


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