Beth Milne is a past member of the 50CAN team. 

As an advocate, I need the facts to be good at my job. And as a parent, I need the facts to make good decisions for my children.

RI-CAN has been working for nine months to bring the amazing, gap-busting Achievement First Mayoral Academy to Rhode Island to help put more of our kids on a path to college.

Now the Board of Regents is set to vote on this school for a final time in exactly one week from today.

There has been so much rumor and misinformation out there about this school. So, for these last crucial days, we’re unveiling our Seven Facts in Seven Days campaign. Every day for the next week we’re going to reveal one fact about Achievement First, starting with this one:

FACT #1: Every kid in the neighborhood will have a shot at achieving.

It won’t take sky-high test scores or a fancy resume to get into Achievement First Mayoral Academy. Any child from the communities Achievement First serves will be eligible to enroll, as long as their grade level is offered. Not only are all kids welcome and eligible, Achievement First will do extensive community outreach to make sure families know about their new school option.

If there are more interested kids than there are open seats, Achievement First will choose kids by a random selection process approved by the Rhode Island Department of Education.

Putting achievement first isn’t about limiting opportunity to kids who are already achieving at high levels. It’s about finding the kids that need a great public school the most, meeting them where they’re at and giving them the knowledge and skills they need to be just as successful.

You can get more facts like these here or at, where we’ll unveil one new fact a day.

Opening a new school is a big decision. And with any big decision, you need the facts to make the right choice. So we encourage you to get the facts about why opening Achievement First Mayoral Academy is the right move for Rhode Island kids. Every Rhode Islander deserves to know what it would mean to put achievement first.

Maryellen Butke is  the executive director of RI-CAN: The Rhode Island Campaign for Achievement Now.


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