Washington, D.C. – 50CAN: The 50-State Campaign for Achievement Now today released ‘The Education Roadtrip’, an interactive journey through the education views of 6,400 Americans polled across the eight major regions of the country.

Click here to view the poll results.

“The idea for this project came out of the work we’ve done over the past three years advocating for education policies in seven different states,” said 50CAN President and Founder Marc Porter Magee. “After running 32 legislative campaigns that have helped enact 28 state policies, we got this sense that Americans are much more united on education issues than we might have thought.”

Highlights from our findings include:

  • Voters across all eight regions cite “building character” over “healthy economy” by a 2 to 1 margin when asked about the long-term value of education.
  • Majority of voters across all eight regions don’t want elected officials in D.C. driving change in their schools.
  • Most Americans would support the Common Core if they only knew what it was.
  • When voters were asked to give states in their region gold, silver and bronze medals for education, most people chose to give it to a state other then their own.

The gold medal winning states are: Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

The eight regions are: the Border States, the Mid-Atlantic, the Midwest, the Mountain, the National-Capital, New England, the South and the West.

Methodology and regional toplines can be accessed at edroadtrip.50can.org.

50CAN’s Leadership Team consists of CEO & Founder Marc Porter Magee, President Vallay Varro, Executive Vice President Derrell Bradford and Chief Financial Officer Chris Tessone.


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