There is nothing worse than “winning” your advocacy campaign only to discover the changes you secured don’t solve the problem that you care so much about. That’s why it is so important to take the time to develop a clear vision of the destination before beginning your advocacy journey. 

This year, each of the local teams within the 50CAN network took up the challenge of creating local visions for the public education system of tomorrow. To do so they took stock of the progress made in the past decade, spoke with hundreds of students, teachers, parents and concerned citizens, and created detailed maps of all the educational choices students should have from birth through graduation day.

The result is a stunning suite of policy visions presented in a unique way: as travel guides to the future of education.

We have brought together all the vision guides from across our network in one place. We hope this project inspires you like it has inspired us—to forge ahead in our journey to these compelling destinations in the advocacy campaigns to come. We hope you’ll take some time to consider your own educational journey, as well, using this worksheet inspired by the travel brochures.

The activity is a great way to connect with classmates, colleagues, friends, students and community partners. You can fill it out according to your actual journey from pre-K to career—or reimagine the possibilities with only your creativity as the limit. 

Click on the state names below to read the full vision guides! If you’d like your own physical copy of a state’s brochure, let us know by email.


The invisible boundaries that divide our state will not slow our journey to the future of education. Instead, we will draw a pioneering new map that makes history.


We aim to maximize every student’s potential and prepare them to thrive in a global, rapidly changing and knowledge-driven society.


We aim to provide every student in Hawaii with the best education in the world. The influence of our innovative graduates will reach far and wide.


We won’t rest until every Miami child has access to an education that brings their wildest dreams within reach. Our children will learn to become leaders.

New Mexico

We aim to provide every New Mexico child with an education that prepares them to achieve their wildest dreams. We envision a New Mexico led by inspired New Mexicans.

New Jersey

We strive to provide every New Jersey student with the best education in the world. By protecting our legacy of innovation and embracing diversity, we’ll thrive.


We believe it is possible for every student in our state to have access to a high-quality school. We know the journey will span multiple years and involve many different stakeholders.

Marc Porter Magee Ph.D is the CEO and founder of 50CAN: The 50-State Campaign for Achievement Now. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia.


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