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Bernie Kelm says that when his son joined the math team at Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School—one of the highest performing schools in the state—it changed his son’s life. But his son might not get to stay on the math team next year because the Anne Arundel School Board might shut CSP down.

Click here to tell the board members to keep Chesapeake Science Point School open.


I know how important it is to get an education that’s focused towards your gifts. And that’s what my son’s getting here.
-Bernie Kelm, CSP Parent


Bernie’s son is not the only student thriving at CSP: last year, more than 95 percent of sixth-graders at CSP scored proficient in math and reading. CSP is one of the highest performing of the Anne Arundel County Public Schools, and 560 families are on the waiting list as a result.

This school is doing valuable things for its students and the community it serves, and it deserves to stay open. Please tell the Anne Arundel County School Board members that. If we don’t speak up, students like Bernie’s son could lose their chance at a great education.


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