Beth Milne is a past member of the 50CAN team. 

Two weeks ago we discussed the newly approved budget and its impact on public education in North Carolina. You can read the final budget bill here.

The new policies on teacher evaluation, tenure and pay in the 2013 budget are a crucial start to recruit, support, retain and recognize excellent teachers in North Carolina.

But these policies aren’t the whole picture – far from it. We still have a long fight for additional investments in education.

To make the most of the new policies we have, we’ll have to commit to smart implementation. That’s why CarolinaCAN will continue to work with state leaders to make sure that excellent teachers have a voice in the process of  ensuring that evaluations provide meaningful feedback to help all teachers reflect and improve, putting real money on the table for every teacher who helps students succeed, and transforming contract status from a rubber-stamp for service into a meaningful recognition of excellence.

Our dedication to great teachers and commitment to smart implementation of policies that affect our teachers will determine whether North Carolina is moving backward in public education, or beginning to reclaim our spot as a national leader.


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