Required Qualifications

    • Two years’ experience engaged with our country’s schools as a parent, teacher, community advocate or similar
    • Authorization to work within the United States on a full-time basis for the entirety of the program
    • Commitment to 50CAN’s mission and values, alongside those of the National Voices Fellowship
    • Commitment to participation in, and completion of, all of the requirements of the program, including the ability to attend virtual meetings and meet project-based outcomes
    • A belief in parent choice as an essential and foundational component of the country’s education systems
    • Concern with the growing partisanship in American politics and education policy and a belief that a spirit of bipartisanship that seeks to understand alternative perspectives and collaborate across lines of difference is essential for moving forward
    • A high level of comfort and willingness with speaking out on matters of local and national politics and public policy on radio, television, print and social media

Preferred Qualifications

    • Basic knowledge of the history of American education policy, particularly over the past twenty years
    • Excellent communication skills, including a strong writing and public speaking skillset
    • Track record of achievement in setting goals and driving results for personal projects

To be considered, send an email to with the following:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter that includes:
    1. The reasons you are interested in being a part of the National Voices Fellowship, including how you plan to use the fellowship to meet your long-term career and/or communications goals
    2. Why you believe you are an ideal candidate, based on your unique skills and prior experiences
    3. Your current city of residence
    4. Links to your publicly-facing social media (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • A video of yourself, no longer than 60 seconds, responding to the following prompt as if it was asked of you by a television journalist:

“Our schools are in crisis as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and parents are asking, ‘what can be done?’ What solutions should the country implement in order to ensure that our students aren’t falling behind?”

To inform your video preparation, we encourage you to read 50CAN’s policy briefs Fund Everything and Measure Everything. Applicants will not be judged on the video’s production qualities; we’re interested in what you say and how you say it.