Aloha from HawaiiKidsCAN
by David Miyashiro, 50CAN
September 14, 2017

As a proud fourth-generation product of Hawaii, I’m privileged to call this special place home. Generation after generation, my family has shown me the importance of a strong education as the path for a life of success, leadership and stewardship of our shared community.

Today I’m thrilled to launch HawaiiKidsCAN, a locally led advocacy nonprofit organization committed to building an equitable, successful education system for our keiki.

This organization will put Hawaii’s children first and deeply engage communities and kids themselves to ensure students have what they need to succeed, thrive and grow into our local and global leaders.

HawaiiKidsCAN will use advocacy, research, communications and grassroots organizing to build the conditions for all students in Hawaii to thrive. The truth is that Hawaii’s education system is only beginning to scratch the surface of our potential as a school system that levels the playing field and provides an equitable high-quality education for all students. For our children and our communities, we must continue this work no matter which way the political winds are blowing.

I hope you’ll join us in the work ahead. Sign up to learn more about our work and then say hi over on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to taking our next steps as HawaiiKidsCAN with you.


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