At ConnCAN, creating an automatic mechanism to require districts to report federal spending, while increasing community input and collaboration in school improvement efforts.

At DelawareCAN, codifying language that requires districts to report how they spend federal money.

At GeorgiaCAN, protecting Georgia’s system of high-quality assessments, accountability, evaluations and transparency.

At JerseyCAN, ensuring the state fulfills new budget requirements on reporting the use and impact of federal funds on student achievement.

At NewMexicoKidsCAN, informing the public and policymakers how federal ARP funds are being used, while also passing a constitutional amendment declaring a right to a quality education.

At TEN Colorado, ensuring that student progress is measured and communicated to families and community about all the ways their children are learning.

At TennesseeCAN, defending accountability and transparency while providing parents access to information about all the ways their children are learning.

Ensuring Parents knew the scope of learning loss

In January 2021, TennesseeCAN received a key victory when the legislature passed a bill that preserved the requirement for standardized testing despite the challenges imposed by the pandemic. The bill included stipulations that every district needed to ensure that assessments would be taken by at least 80% of students.

Tracking learning loss 

JerseyCAN led the way forward in shining a spotlight on children’s needs in the Garden State with the release of the first, and so far only, public study tracking learning loss during the pandemic in the state. The report is the first step in an effort to bring much more information to families to help them navigate through the recovery phase of their educational journey.


EdNavigator created a helpful guide for parents to understand state tests, along with resources on how best to use the results to change your child’s education experience.

National Parents Union

The National Parents Union is working to ensure parents have the resources to keep tabs on how their state and local district are spending federal funds from the American Rescue Plan.

Washington DC Public Schools

Washington DC Public Schools surveyed and hosted roundtable conversations with parents to solicit their feedback on how to spend federal funding.