YouCAN Advocacy Projects

YouCAN is all about putting local community members in the driver’s seat for change in their areas. Successful projects will share a few key characteristics:

  • The project will be oriented around advocating for educational policy change at the school, neighborhood, city or state level.
  • The project can realistically be run and managed by one person.
  • The project has specific, measurable and attainable goals.
  • The project directly contributes to the education conversation in the local community and has the potential for long term impact.


Successful applicants will possess the following characteristics:

  • Ability to commit to YouCAN through the length of the program.
  • Strong leadership and public speaking skills.
  • A clear concept of their advocacy project’s goal and metrics for success.
  • A deep connection and commitment to the local education landscape and community.
  • Grounding in the local community through their current employment or volunteer activities.
  • A willingness to ask questions, actively listen and learn.