Tafshier Cosby

2016 YouCAN Advocate

About Tafshier

Tafshier is a corporate billing supervisor for an international security company. She is also a parent advocate leader and co-facilitation trainer for the New Jersey Black Alliance for Educational Options and a member of KIPPNJ – Newark Collegiate Academy Parent Partnership. When not advocating for families, she enjoys teaching Newarkers about adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, reading and spending time with family.

“I wear many different hats in my daily life and in my community. As I continue on my journey of advocacy, nothing makes me more proud than being a parent, first and foremost.” – Tafshier Cosby, from “A parent first.”

About Tafshier’s Project

The schools in the city of Newark, NJ currently lack strong parent engagement, which has been proven to be a factor in student achievement. The Parent Activation Project aims to combat this by offering training sessions which supply information, hands-on training and support to increase the number of parents and community members joining or starting Parent Teacher Associations or Parent Organizations in our community. Increased involvement helps our schools become community hubs for families to learn and grow.

About YouCAN

YouCAN is a part-time program for emerging education advocates and community leaders who are committed to improving education in their communities. During the program, participants develop, refine and launch an education advocacy project. The first cohort of 20 Advocates represented seven states and the District of Columbia. Tafshier completed her year of training in December 2016, and is continuing to build a parent advocacy engagement effort in Newark in 2017.