Here’s what we hope to accomplish together in 2018:

GOAL 1: Go deeper for bigger wins.

  • Run advocacy campaigns and secure significant education reform policy victories in each of our states.

  • Create and publish long-term policy vision guides in each state that provide roadmaps for smarter goals.

  • Pilot at least three new tools that help states grow their supporters and increase their engagement.

GOAL 2: Go wider by seeding, spreading and scaling a diverse network of advocacy campaigns.

  • Recruit and train at least 100 new local advocates. These citizen advocates will, in turn, create and lead at least 10 new local campaigns. These campaigns will include at least one new state campaign, one new city campaign and one new affiliate.

  • Provide at least one new tool to support these 100 new advocates in creating their campaigns.

  • Distribute 350 Guidebooks to create a pipeline of users of the 50CAN Framework.

GOAL 3: Build a more efficient, flexible and sustainable model.

  • Ensure that all campaigns and projects are either revenue neutral or revenue positive with clear operating agreements, regular financial updates and a clear explanation of the value of the services provided to the project leaders, campaign leaders and local advisory boards.

  • Build up our organizational reserve over the next two years to at least six months of operating expenses: 4 months by December 2018 and 6 months by December 2019.

  • Raise at least $10 million against planned baseline expenditures of $9.1 million, increasing cash reserve by at least $500,000.

GOAL 4: Develop the leadership to achieve our goals.

  • Strengthen the national board by recruiting at least 1 additional member.

  • Invest in staff strength, engagement and retention by developing and implementing efforts to make 50CAN the top choice of the most talented and diverse people in our field.