Here’s what we hope to accomplish together in 2019:

GOAL 1: Go deeper for bigger wins.

  • Run advocacy campaigns grounded in the guiding stars of the local vision guides and secure at least 1 significant education reform policy victory in each city and state.

  • Launch an advocacy dashboard with real-time data from suite of tools to help local leaders grow supporters, increase engagement and take actions in the campaigns.

  • Develop and implement a system for capturing bigger, long-term policy goals and tracking progress towards long-term wins.

  • Develop a plan for building a list of families using choice schools and pilot in at least two states.

GOAL 2: Go wider by seeding, spreading and scaling a diverse network of advocacy campaigns.

  • Launch one new city campaigns in a new geography by recruiting a great new leader, securing local funding, creating a vision guide and mobilizing supporters to take action.

  • Recruit and train at least 150 new advocates through national and local advocacy training programs.

  • Publicly launch the Expedition 50CAN tools platform, ensure all staff are regularly using the platform and secure at least one paying external partner.

GOAL 3: Build a more efficient, flexible and sustainable model.

  • Ensure that all campaigns and projects—no matter their size—are run in the black with clear operating agreements, regular financial updates and a clear explanation of the value of the services provided to the project leaders, campaign leaders and local advisory boards.

  • Formalize a “multiple-touchpoint” system to manage funder relationships where national leadership meet with the top 5 donors in each state, city or project at least once a year.

  • Raise at least $8.0 million against planned baseline expenditures of $7.6 million, increasing cash reserve by at least $4o0,000.

  • Build up our organizational reserve over the next three years to at least four months of operating expenses at the lowest point in the year—building from $1.0 million in December 2018, to $1.4 million by December 2019, to $2.0 million by December 2020, and $2.7 million by December 2021.

GOAL 4: Develop the leadership to achieve our goals.

  • Strengthen the culture of the organization by developing and implementing efforts to make 50CAN a place where staff feel aligned with our core values, a sense of belonging to a team, and supported by their managers and co-workers as demonstrated by scores of 80% or higher on each of the organizational climate questions on the staff survey.

  • Develop a new case for support and marketing materials that translate 50CAN’s work to a broader audience and train 100% of all staff and leadership on speaking about 50CAN.

  • Grow the national board by at least 4 members, with at least 2 of the four being high net worth individuals, and create individualized development support plans with each board member.

  • Activate local advisory boards in fundraising efforts to result in at least 80% give or get from local advisory board members.

GOAL 5: Communicate a compelling vision for the future of education reform.

  • Develop and implement an external marketing and communications plan for the movement.

  • Provide mid-plan update on strategic plan and any mid-course adjustments.

  • Produce a study on the effectiveness of 50CAN’s campaigns in our first 8 years and lessons learned.