Beth Milne is a past member of the 50CAN team. 

Remember David Upegui, the award-winning science teacher at Central Falls High School? He needs your help.

The General Assembly is only a few short weeks away from adjourning but they still haven’t acted on legislation to move the teacher layoff notification from March 1st to June 1st so that schools don’t have to issue premature pink slips.

Click here to tell your House and Senate leadership to move H-7272 and S-2158 out of committee and pass them into law before it’s too late.

On March 1st countless teachers like David received pink slips thanks to a law that forces schools to announce layoffs well before they know their budgets. In some districts the entire teaching staff was laid off because of fiscal uncertainty, causing unnecessary turmoil in the middle of the school year.

This disruptive law is bad for our teachers, bad for our schools and most importantly, bad for our kids. We need your voice TODAY – please take a minute to tell your legislators that districts deserve to know what their budget is before they have to lay off their teachers.

Thank you for your support!


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