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My question may sound socialistic to some of my fellow conservatives; nonetheless it is a question that must be addressed. American high school graduation rates are at an all-time high, but the education gap between rich and poor continues to grow. Noble and expensive attempts to close this gap—including subsidized preschool and the controversial implementation of the Common Core State Standards—have largely failed. In the case of Common Core, where wealthy and middle class parents are hiring tutors to compensate for its weaknesses, the “reform” aimed at equalizing the playing field may actually be making the problem worse. (Town Hall)
Federal intrusion and misleading rumors do a disservice to an effort that started in the states. (Wall Street Journal)
If one judged public opinion by conventional public discourse, one would soon conclude that parents in the United States are neatly divided between devotees of district-operated schools and choiceniks determined to avoid them.  But Americans are a good deal more practical than that.  They are willing to send their children to whatever school they think best serves their children’s needs.  Even though 87% of parents with school-age children have sent a child to a public school, more than a quarter have made use of an alternative type of school: 14% have had a child in a private school, 9% a charter school and 8 % have homeschooled their children. (Education Next)
New Jersey
New election finance report reveals teachers union spent more than twice as much as its nearest rival. (NJ Spotlight)
The start of the school year ushered in the new One Newark plan that reassigned thousands of students in the district that has been under state control since 1993.  Newark schools superintendent Cami Anderson talks about why drastic changes are required, despite protests and opposition from the mayor. (WNYC)


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