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Greg Jouriles, one of the best high school teachers I know, still remembers a conversation 17 years ago with a top student. Jouriles was the teacher union bargaining chair. His team had just negotiated the best contract he could get, but he was irked there would be no raises that year. The student seemed unmoved. “Don’t you think we deserve a raise?” Jouriles said. (Washington Post)
Tennessee teachers with top teacher evaluation ratings were more likely to continue teaching in low-achieving schools when given a substantial pay incentive, according to a new working paper released released this morning. (Education Week)
New Jersey
Last week, Assembly Bill A3081, which allows for the formation of the Education Reform Review Task Force, passed in the State Assembly with a vote of seventy-two in favor, four against, and two abstentions. The bill, which was prime sponsored by Assemblywoman Mila Jasey (D-Essex), delays the implementation of Common Core standards, instead opting to first study the effects it may have on children, teachers, and administrators in schools across the state. (Alternative Press)
New York
A new advocacy group is helping parents prepare a challenge to New York’s teacher tenure and seniority laws, contending that they violate children’s constitutional right to a sound basic education by keeping ineffective teachers in classrooms. (Wall Street Journal)
On Monday, New York released the latest figures showing how many of our kids are graduating from high school on time and how many of those are ready for careers or college. It’s not a pretty picture. (NY Post) 


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