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As anyone in education knows, the Common Core debate has become heavily politicized over the past year. What that means is that the true education issues at stake—for instance, whether the standards for English and math are challenging enough or, conversely, age appropriate—are taking a backseat to arguments over macropolitics and ideology. (Education Next)
A survey released Tuesday finds that teachers and administrators are looking more favorably than they did two years ago on the amount of time that students spend taking tests, and teachers spend preparing for them. (Education Week)
New Jersey
In its last iteration, the state’s decade-old test is serving as a transition to PARCC and Common Core. (NJ Spotlight)
The New Jersey Board of Education will consider amendments to the teacher evaluation system and charter school regulations and a proposal to reorganize the Department of Education to include an office of field services at its monthly meeting in Trenton Wednesday. (
New York 
Fieldston and University Heights are in the same borough but worlds apart. How much understanding between their students can a well-told story bring? (New York Times)


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