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The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for mathematics continue to generate a lot of online debate. As a mathematician and math educator, I usually follow the latest missives that do the rounds on social and traditional media, and in almost all cases the post or story has little to do with the CCSS, but rather methods for standardized testing. That was definitely the case with comedian Louis CK’s recent series of tweets on the topic, as he himself later acknowledged in subsequent posts and TV interviews. (Huffington Post)
The number of states that mandate principal evaluations has jumped in recent years, driven by rules tying federal education aid to such policies. But many are still grappling with the best ways to measure principal effectiveness and the extent to which student performance should be included in evaluating principals. (Education Week)
As recently named “transformational” principals at great traditional and charter schools, we call for public forums hosted by a credible, independent organization to discuss the equitable funding of schools in Baltimore. We believe charter school students receive more funding than traditional school students and that public forums will shed light on what is fair and help move the conversation from equity to adequacy of funding for all students. (Baltimore Sun)
New Jersey
Local say would be increased, single authority would weigh applications statewide. (NJ Spotlight)
New York
The splashy print, radio, Web and outdoor ad campaign is meant to boost enrollment in prekindergarten programs at community-based organizations around the city. (NY Daily News)


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