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President Obama’s 2015 budget request reflects his belief not only that education is a top priority, but that America’s public schools offer the clearest path to the middle class. Investing in education now will make us more competitive in the global economy tomorrow, and will help ensure equity of opportunity for every child. ( Homeroom Blog)
Education would be a bright spot in a relatively austere budget year, if the Obama administration gets its way. (Education Week)
Teach For America plans to provide a year of up-front training for a subset of its new teacher recruits—and put more of an emphasis on teaching for longer than the group’s two-year requirement, the organization’s leaders announced in a speech. (Education Week)
Teachers and parents are wondering how early is too early to focus on academics in school. This week’s parenting panel looks how the classroom is changing for young children. (NPR)
New Jersey
As he often does with legislation he sponsors, Assemblyman John Burizchelli, D-3, calls his new bill to add “parental involvement” to the criteria for teacher evaluations a chance “to start a dialogue.” (
New York
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, standing shoulder to shoulder in Albany with thousands of parents and students who rallied in support of charter schools, vowed on Tuesday to defend the movement and offered a sharply different vision for their place in the educational system than Mayor Bill de Blasio’s. (New York Times)


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