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Be on the lookout for charter school or school voucher proposals to pop up early during the 114th Congress, as school choice legislation was named a top priority by the assumed Republican leaders in the House and in the Senate, which will flip to GOP control in January. (Education Week)
Urban school superintendents often leave the job after a few years—and the average time leaders spent in the post lost some ground this year, according to new survey results. (Education Week)
President Barack Obama is promising to work more closely with the new Republican majority in Congress, but he’s sure to encounter some conflict over education policy. (MPR News)
New York
While clashes between New York City district schools and charters get a lot of attention, a quiet effort is under way to help district teachers and principals learn from high-performing charters. (Wall Street Journal)
Grades for Pennsylvania public schools dropped marginally in 2013-14, data from the state Department of Education show. (Trib Live)


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