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New Hampshire Employer, Hungry for Engineers, Helps Create a Program to Build Skills Locally. (Wall Street Journal)
A few years ago, Tina Cheuk, a project manager for the Understanding Language initiative at Stanford University, woke up one morning, printed out several new sets of standards, and started cutting. (Education Week)
Two lawmakers want to expedite process that can keep accused teachers out of schools for months and even years. (Baltimore Sun)
New Jersey
The state Department of Education announced Tuesday that high school students will soon have to pass math and language arts tests in order to graduate, NJSpotlight reported Wednesday. (
New York
The mayor is right in labeling the allegations against teacher Sean Shaynak ‘disgusting,’ but he has been wrong on everything else involving the flawed teacher discipline system. He has the power to fire Shaynak, who doesn’t have tenure, but has yet to do it. De Blasio failed to address the problems with teacher discipline when he negotiated a new labor contract with the union. (NY Daily News)


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