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Take yourself back to those highly emotional, patriotic months after the 9/11 attacks. (NPR)
Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, who just pulled out of mayoral contention, is suffering from a cancerous brain tumor that was diagnosed shortly after she experienced a severe headache last week. (Chicago Sun-Times)
Monica DeSantiago wondered how in the world she would get the students to respect her. (New York Times)
Parents everywhere share a common dream: we all want our children to have the chance at a life better than our own. This has propelled the progress of our nation and has become an essential part of the American Dream. To give children this chance, every parent should be given the right to choose the learning environment that best fits their child’s unique needs. (Fox News)
New Jersey
He has called out New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for being “out there running for president.” He uses vivid language to describe his dislike for Newark Schools Superintendent Cami Anderson, saying students’ civil rights are “being trampled on.” (Wall Street Journal)


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