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As the senior member of the NPR Ed team with 25 years on the education beat, here are the top stories that my expert sources and I believe will be ones to watch in 2015. For more predictions, check out our crowdsourced list. (NPR)
When Michigan officials suspended six teacher education programs at Lake Superior State University in 2012, citing falling licensing-test scores and other problems, the action prompted a period of deep soul-searching for the university’s top brass. And it made for some painful conversations with some of the school’s current teacher-candidates and incoming hopefuls. (Huffington Post)
“Senior adviser” to the U.S. Department of Education. Get used to that title. It’s becoming very popular these days. (Education Week)
On Tuesday, lawmakers will gather on Capitol Hill for the start of the new legislative session, one which we at Politics K-12 hope will be exciting on the education policy front. (Education Week)
Rhode Island
The poorer parents are, the less they talk with their children. The mayor of Providence is trying to close the “word gap.” (The New Yorker)


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