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Tricky Balance in Shifting From ESSA Blueprint to K-12 Reality 
One year ago, President Barack Obama and longtime education leaders in Congress burst through years of deadlock to pass the Every Student Succeeds Act, the first update to the nation’s main K-12 law in over a decade. Now the law remains a work in progress, as states, districts, and a shifting cast of federal officials work furiously to prepare for its full rollout this fall. (Education Week)

What will be Obama’s lasting education legacy?
President Obama and his former education secretary Arne Duncan exercised more power and influence over education policy than many predecessors. The administration placed a focus on testing, trying it to federal funding. In higher education, he emphasized the importance of college and reducing student debt. (PBS)

These Gage Park High School students are participating in Quiet Time, a transcendental meditation program that aims to help them with the stress and pressures of life inside and outside the brick walls of the Southwest Side school. (Chicago Tribune)


How Partisan Flips Could Reshape Education Battles Underway in Kentucky, Nevada, Missouri
The 2016 elections weren’t just dramatic at the federal level — governor’s mansions and state legislatures will also be occupied by many different faces in the new year. Seven states have new governors, four from the opposite party of their predecessor, and legislative chambers in five states have swapped party control. Each of those policymakers will have an impact on state education budgets and new regulations and plans issued under the Every Student Succeeds Act. Much of that activity will be in the first part of 2017, since many legislatures meet only for a few months a year, and several only in odd-numbered years. (The 74)



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