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News & analysis:
Gains Seen in Teachers’ Academic Abilities

New teachers and teacher applicants have significantly higher SAT scores than they did a few decades ago, says a paper published today in the online edition of Education Next. (Education Week – Teacher Beat) 

When Outsiders Take Over Schools: Lessons From Memphis
Depending on who you talk to, Memphis is rapidly becoming one of the best cities to teach in America—or one of the worst. (The Atlantic) 

Albany Cold to City Taxes for Pre-K
Bill de Blasio’s signature proposal to tax wealthy New Yorkers to pay for full-day pre-kindergarten faces significant headwinds in Albany, including a skittish Legislature heading into an election year and a governor who is reluctant to raise taxes and says he has his own plan. (Wall Street Journal) 

New Jersey:
Education Issues Animate N.J., Va. Governors’ Races

Although the slate of state elections this year is relatively small, gubernatorial and legislative races in New Jersey and Virginia could affect the direction of school choice and parent-driven education changes in those states, as well as significant shifts in K-12 spending levels. (Education Week) 

City charters without signed agreements get revocation threat

In the midst of its continuing financial crisis, the School District of Philadelphia has lowered the boom on charter schools in the city. (Philadelphia Inquirer) 

View Point:
Meet the Makers

I never thought I’d have to come to China for a breath of fresh air. But that is exactly what I got last week by traveling to the China-Myanmar border area to visit Chinese village schools with the leaders of Teach for All, the network of 32 countries that have adopted the Teach for America model of recruiting highly motivated college graduates to work in their country’s most underprivileged schools. What was so refreshing about spending four days with leaders of Teach for Lebanon, Teach for China, Teach for India and all the others was the fact that, since 9/11, I’ve spent so much time writing about people who are breaking things and so little time covering people who are making things. This was a week with the makers. (New York Times) 


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