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By the Company It Keeps: Marc Porter Magee

Marc Porter Magee came to public fame as COO of arguably the most successful state-based education-reform advocacy organization of recent times, ConnCAN. Thanks to Marc’s leadership of its research and communications operations, that group was able to cause a major ruckus in an edu-complacent state with a huge achievement gap. Not only did Connecticut start talking differently about reform, it ultimately changed a number of its policies in big ways. (Thomas B. Fordham Institute – Flypaper) 

Common Core foes spreading misinformation, Duncan says
Education Secretary Arne Duncan planned a robust defense on Tuesday of the Common Core standards, new academic standards in reading and math that have been adopted by 45 states and D.C. (Washington Post) 

Does Arne Duncan’s NCLB Waiver Decision Open the Door for Illinois?
Illinois has been in waiver purgatory the longest. The state applied in February 2012, and has been languishing (though not officially rejected) because its teacher-evaluation implementation timeline wasn’t fast enough for federal approval. (Education Week – Politics K-12) 

Independent School Governance: How It Works
One of the mysteries about independent schools is how they differ from the generality of “private schools.” Within the sector we use the term “independent” with easy familiarity, but to the world at large we’re just one more bunch of private schools. (Education Week – Independent Schools Common Perspectives) 

State pumps money into early education to close achievement gap

In a little over a year, many of Minnesota’s youngest students will be spending more time in the classroom. (MPR News) 

View Point:
Seven Observations on Duncan’s Common-Core Address

Yesterday, our earnest Secretary of Education delivered a big speech on the Common Core to the American Society of Newspaper Editors. In a move that will surprise pretty much no one, he disregarded my advice from last week on how to tamp down some of the push-back to the Common Core. Instead, he basically opted to double down on the administration’s rhetorical approach, offering skeptics the back of his hand, and not much else. (Education Week – Rick Hess Straight Up)


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