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News and Analysis:
Arne Duncan Spars With State K-12 Chiefs Over District Waivers

When U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan came to talk to state education chiefs in Washington today, one of his first acts was to apologize. More specifically, he apologized on behalf of the federal government—and Congress specifically—for not acting to prevent sequestration, automatic across-the-board spending cuts. (Education Week – State Ed Watch) 

Georgia charter-school law would be different from other states’
Georgia could become the only state to force local school boards to consider petitions to transform non-failing traditional public schools into charter schools. (Atlanta Journal Constitution) 

Louisiana Supreme Court to Rule on Voucher Program
The Louisiana Supreme Court will hear an appeal today regarding the ruling by a state judicial court that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s sweeping education reforms, which would expand the state-run voucher program, are unconstitutional. (Education Week – Charters and Choice) 

Business forum: We can reset K-12 education

The educational achievement gap between white students and students of color in Minnesota is a moral and economic crisis that many people are only casually aware of. Even fewer are aware of the solutions — within our reach — to ensure all of our children excel academically. (Star Tribune) 

Northrop school sale portends new era of MPS-charter collaboration
In 2007 if you were a hopeful charter operator and you wanted to open a school, the one place you couldn’t look for space was Minneapolis Public Schools’ list of shuttered buildings. (MinnPost) 

North Carolina:
Berger announces major education package

The state Senate leader on Tuesday unveiled a second wave of measures he said would serve to hold schools and teachers more accountable for students’ progress. (Charlotte Observer) 

Pennsylvania Ponders Changes to Special Education Funding Formula

After trying more than once to do so, Pennsylvania is poised to make a change in its 22-year-old funding formula for special education. (Education Week – On Special Education) 



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