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News and Analysis:
State Councils Propel STEM Education

As STEM education gains ever more prominence, statewide organizations are springing up from coast to coast to advance and better coordinate the cause. (Education Week) 

Disparate Impact and Black Students
In 1971, the U.S. Supreme Court articulated the disparate impact standard in Griggs v. Duke Power Co. Although the specific ruling in the case involved hiring practices, it has far wider applications. What it means is that a policy cannot have disproportionate racial effects unless there is an absolute necessity for the policy (“How Not to Fight Discrimination,” The Wall Street Journal, Feb. 26). Education, of course, is not the only area where the standard is applied, but it is there that headlines tend to be made. (Education Week – Walt Gardner’s Reality Check) 

Ed events: ‘Soup with the Supe,’ policy improv, St. Thomas forum

Are you smarter than a fifth-grader? I’m not. At least not before I’ve had my coffee. While we waited for his bus yesterday my son asked me how many months besides February had 28 days. “None,” I muttered, one eye on my phone and the other on my to-do list. (MinnPost) 

New York:
Governor Cuomo and IBM Announce Public-Private Partnership to Prepare NYS Students for High-Skills Jobs of the Future

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and IBM today announced a public-private partnership that will prepare thousands of New York students for high-skills jobs of the future in technology, manufacturing, healthcare and finance. In addition, IBM and other companies that participate in the partnership will put the program’s graduates first in line for jobs with these companies. This partnership was announced as a part of the Governor’s 2013-2014 Executive Budget. (Governor Press Release) 

New poll reveals nearly 75% of Pennsylvanians in favor of rewarding teachers for success versus length of service

PennCAN: The Pennsylvania Campaign for Achievement Now released today a statewide opinion poll of Pennsylvanian’s attitudes toward public education in the Keystone State. (PennCAN) 

KIPP students show major improvement, study finds
A Princeton-based research firm’s analysis of the KIPP national network of charter schools found KIPP middle-school students made substantial gains in core subjects over a three-year span. ( 


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