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News and Analysis:
Charters Adjusting to Common-Core Demands

Charter schools throughout the country are coping with myriad challenges in preparing for the Common Core State Standards, an effort that could force them to make adjustments from how they train their teachers to the types of curriculum they use to the technology they need to administer online tests. (Education Week) 

Colleges Overproducing Elementary Teachers, Data Find
Though universities’ economics departments preach the gospel of supply and demand, that principle is not always followed when it comes to their education departments. Data, while imprecise, suggest that some states are producing far more new teachers at the elementary level than will be able to find jobs in their respective states—even as districts struggle to find enough recruits in other certification fields. (Education Week) 

New Jersey:
Advocates press State Board to expand public input, slow rush to deregulation

On January 16, several dozen education advocacy organizations mobilized at the NJ State Board of Education (SBOE) meeting, demanding that the Board change its recently adopted procedures for public input. The protest comes as the NJ Department of Education (NJDOE) is proposing a host of regulatory changes in areas ranging from special education to charter schools and school closings. The advocates leveled sharp criticism at the SBOE for making it more difficult for parents, educators and other citizens to voice their opinions and concerns. (Ed Law Center) 

View Point:
Andy Rotherham: 5 Issues To Watch In 2013

I’ve been tied up, traveling, and working on some other 2013 forecast projects, but here are five things I’d pay attention to this year on education policy. (Eduwonk)

Editorial: Michigan’s charters make the grade
Charter school proponents and administrators gave themselves some high-fives this week, after results of an intensive study highlighted how well many of Michigan’s charters are doing. These results are promising and underscore the value of school choice for the state’s families. “We truly believe that the charter school model in Michigan works,” says Cindy Schumacher, executive director of the Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University. Central oversees 59 of the state’s 276 charters, making it the largest authorizer in Michigan. Schumacher says the state’s charter model is getting strong results because of its system of statewide authorizers, management structure and appointed school boards. (Detroit News) 

The School Bus Mess
New York City mayors have long tolerated one of the most inefficient school transportation systems in the country — made so by a labor agreement that undermines competitive bidding and poorly designed bus routes. (New York Times) 


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