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News & analysis:
Help Needed on Strategies for Teaching Common Core, Study Says

The Common Core State Standards require considerable writing across many subjects, but the standards themselves won’t be enough to guide teachers to best practices in writing instruction, according to a new analysis. (Education Week – Curriculum Matters) 

Common Core has nationalized our curriculum & these local decisions prove it!
The latest in a series of anti–Common Core scare tactics came from Michelle Malkin yesterday, when she implored, “It is not easy to stand up and challenge sovereignty-undermining, curriculum-usurping, privacy-sabotaging education orthodoxy, especially when it is plied by a toxic alliance of both Big Government and Big Business interests. But if we don’t do it, who will?” (Fordham Institute– Common Core Watch) 

New York:
New Research on New York City: School Choice, Student Experience

As New York City prepares for a mayoral election that could have big ramifications for its school system, two new research papers released yesterday examine what’s happened in the 1.1 million-student school system since Mayor Michael Bloomberg took control of it in 2002. (Education Week – District Dossier) 

At symposium, a call for state education funding formula

If the Pennsylvania Legislature had not scrapped a statewide education-funding formula in 2011 it had approved three years earlier, the Philadelphia School District would have received $360 million more in state aid this year and would not be in a fiscal crisis now, an expert said Wednesday. (Philadelphia Inquirer) 

Pennsylvania school achievement data posted online
State Education officials on Wednesday posted on the web rankings of 3,000 Pennsylvania schools, but scores gauging academic achievement and other performance measures for 573 schools were missing. (Trib Live) 

View Point:
Michael Petrilli: The Especially Deserving Poor

Dear Deborah, A healthy debate we’ve started indeed! I’m not sure we’ve bridged many differences, though; maybe we should change the blog’s name to Bigging Differences. (Education Week – Bridging Differences) 


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