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March on Washington Inspires Educators, 50 Years Later

As thousands descended on Washington today to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic civil-rights march, schools across the country are infusing the lessons of that movement— and the epic speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.—into their classrooms. (Education Week – Politics K-12)

Maine report-card grading system may not last
Gov. Paul LePage’s two major opponents in the 2014 governor’s race say they would nix the A-F school grading system if they are elected, casting doubt on the future of the program if LePage doesn’t return to office. (Portland Press Herald) 

By the Company It Keeps: Joanne Weiss
I’m a big admirer of Joanne Weiss. She recently left the U.S. Department of Education after a tremendously consequential tenure. Working behind the scenes—never seeking the limelight for herself—she had a hand in the most important federal education decisions over the last five years. (Flypaper) 

Linking Real-World Science to Schools
Cultural institutions, researchers, and “makers” are using technology to expand their connections with K-12 science educators, push students and teachers to become creators of science content, and blur the boundaries between classrooms, the real world, and virtual environments. (Education Week) 

Minnesota test-results takeaway: ‘Our kids did not get dumber overnight’

Today your local newspaper doubtless carries the hotly anticipated results of the 2013 Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs), the standardized tests used to determine the number of students who are proficient at math, reading and science. (MinnPost) 

Jonathan Cetel: Education quality

Regarding the Aug. 27 editorial “Virtual Indictment: How Pa. Regulates Charter Schools Is on Trial, Too”: The recent allegations against Nicholas Trombetta and Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School expose the urgent need to pass a comprehensive reform of Pennsylvania’s public charter schools. Lawmakers had the opportunity to pass legislation that would have paved the way for a better charter funding formula, increased accountability and stronger charter authorizing on at least three occasions over the past few years. But each time, political gridlock got in the way of what was right for kids. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) 


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