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Marc Porter Magee: What Education Policy Can and Can’t Do

In “Cage-Busting Leadership,” Rick approaches education policy with a healthy dose of skepticism–and the world of school reform certainly provides fodder for that perspective. But while we need to take seriously the missteps and shortcomings of education policy, we can’t let the challenge of getting policy right provide an excuse for inaction. Instead, we need to get better at learning what education policy can and can’t do. (Education Week – Rick Hess Straight Up) 

Texas’s graduation requirements miss the mark
When Texas took the nation’s lead a decade ago in putting new rigor into high school graduation requirements, some worried it would cause more students to drop out or increase the achievement gap between students of color and their white peers. The opposite has proved true: Graduation rates have increased, with the greatest growth occurring among low-income and minority students. Given such success, it’s bewildering that the state would roll back, as is now under serious consideration, these high standards. (Washington Post)

Getting the Best People into the Toughest Jobs
It is indisputable that teachers and principals have the greatest impact on student learning. Unfortunately, the education system has hired and tenured thousands of ineffective teachers and principals, particularly in high-poverty urban and rural schools. As a consequence, these schools have low levels of student learning. (Center for American Progress) 

Minneapolis restores $2 million in school budget cuts

More than $2 million will be coming to ease the sting of budget cuts for Minneapolis public schools, especially in the southwestern corner of the city where parents have been protesting vocally. (Star Tribune) 


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