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News and Analysis:
K-12 Issues in Mix as State Legislatures Wrap Up

State lawmakers continue to grapple with high-profile K-12 issues as legislative sessions approach or cross the finish line nationwide. School choice, school safety, and education funding are prominent among them. (Education Week) 

Rigorous Schools Put College Dreams Into Practice
Along his block in Newark’s West Ward, where drugs are endemic and the young residents talk about shootings with alarming nonchalance, Najee Little is known as the smart kid. He got all A’s his sophomore year, breezing through math and awing his English teachers. His mother, a day care worker, and father, who does odd jobs to make ends meet, have high aspirations for him. They want him to earn a college degree. (New York Times) 

Ed. Dept.’s i3 Wizard Jim Shelton To Be Acting Deputy Secretary
Jim Shelton, the U.S. Department of Education’s assistant secretary for innovation and improvement, is to take on an even bigger role at the department early next month. (Education Week – Politics K-12) 

Pre-K in the President’s Budget
Since President Obama called for a federal investment in universal preschool as part of his February State of the Union address, early childhood advocates have been eagerly awaiting the answers to several key questions. (The Quick and the Ed) 

Ask the Students
Student surveys are ubiquitous in higher education as a means of evaluating teaching. (In fact, they are often the only source of feedback on classroom instruction for college professors.) But, until recently, they were quite rare in K-12 education. As state and district leaders redesign their teacher evaluation systems, they should consider adding student surveys to the set of measures included in teacher evaluation systems. (Brookings) 


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