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Izaiah Brown is a sophomore in the Smart Scholar’s Early College High School Program at Amsterdam High School. In addition to being an excellent student, Izaiah is also an accomplished athlete. Just before this interview, he won the New York State title in the 300-meter dash and broke the state record for a sophomore. He is being named to the Section 2 First Team All-Star roster and is being named Section 2 MVP for Winter Athletics. Today, Izaiah shares what he loves about his ECHS program and his hopes for the future.

NYCAN: What classes are you taking through Smart Scholars? Which is your favorite and why?

Izaiah: I am in Global and English Smart Scholar classes. English is my favorite class because I enjoy reading and having conversations about the books in a big group.

NYCAN: Do you think your high school experience would be the same if you weren’t in the Smart Scholars program?

Izaiah: Having classes with Mrs. Thelin and Mr. Wilary have definitely benefited me because every day they keep me focused on my goals of working hard to get through high school with good grades and get into a good college. I am ready to take the English Regents a year early because we have been preparing all year in my honors English class.

NYCAN: What are your goals for college and beyond? How do you think Smart Scholars and your whole high school experience will help you achieve those goals?

Izaiah: I would like to go to a really good college and study to become a dentist. I think Smart Scholars and my high school experience will help me because it gives me challenging work to stay focused on, which will prepare me for college.


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