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News and Analysis
The wounds of segregation were still raw in the 1970s. With only rare exceptions, African-American children had nowhere near the same educational opportunities as whites. (The New York Times)
Elisa Villanueva Beard—who was named co-chief executive officer of Teach for America in 2013 and assumed sole CEO responsibilities this month—argued for the need for diversity and commitment among educators to a crowd of Harvard affiliates in Ticknor Lounge Tuesday night. (The Harvard Crimson)
A memo obtained by the Los Angeles Times reveals a controversial plan to put half of the city’s public school kids in charter schools. Renee Montagne talks with Times education reporter Howard Blume. (NPR)
Seven. That’s the number of times the word “education” came up in Wednesday night’s Republican debate. I don’t think seven is a very lucky number when it only represents 0.0002 percent of the roughly 35,000 words spoken over the course of three hours. (Huffington Post)
New York
The city’s proposal to redraw school zones in downtown Brooklyn has outraged many parents at two schools who worry their children’s educations would suffer. (The Wall Street Journal)


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