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Imagine a scenario in which the federal government helps households pursue the American dream with ultra-loose credit, only to see prices skyrocket and families take on loads of debt they can’t repay. (The Washington Post)
Presidential candidates from both parties are tapping into Americans’ growing angst over paying for college, placing an unprecedented bright glare on higher education this election. (Politico) 
For several years, I have argued that higher education is an increasingly risky investment. That is certainly true – a large number of students do not graduate, or take a long time (five or six years) to do so. Others end up being underemployed, taking relatively low paying jobs. While the average salary of college graduates is much larger than that of high school graduates, not everyone is average or above. (Forbes)
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Sunday the American Federation of Teachers deserves a punch in the face. (New York Post)
About 15,000 California teachers and principals gave up one of their summer vacation days to talk among themselves Friday about a subject that, depending on how the school day is going, can excite, inspire, frustrate or irritate: the Common Core. (EdSource)
Japan is retooling its public universities, sacrificing liberal-arts programs in collaboration with a business community eager for better-skilled graduates. (The Wall Street Journal)


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