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The days of flush state funding for higher education are gone, and public universities are slowly recognizing that they must do better than approach state legislatures each year with hats in hand, asking for more. (The Wall Street Journal)
Strong words from a former head of Chicago Public Schools. Former CPS CEO Paul Vallas is in Chicago talking about the current budget woes and how to fix it. (ABC 7)
On July 7, EdBuild published a map that shows every school district in the country, its student population size, and its level of student poverty. (The Seventy Four)
Washington, D.C., became a magnet for philanthropy after 2007, when former mayor Adrian Fenty took control over the schools and appointed Michelle Rhee as chancellor. (The Washington Post)
A bankruptcy judge has approved Corinthian Colleges Inc. ’s plan to liquidate its assets, largely concluding the defunct for-profit education company’s chapter 11 bankruptcy case. (The Wall Street Journal)
As colleges struggle to control the public-relations damage caused by athletes’ criminal behavior, prominent conferences have begun measures to keep players with troubling pasts out of their teams’ nationally televised colors. (The New York Times)
After the levees broke in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, 7,000 New Orleans teachers lost their jobs, paving the way for a massive change in the city’s teaching force. (Education Week)
Scholar Academies operates one the highest-performing charter schools in Philadelphia, Young Scholars Charter School. So when the school district gave the organization the keys to one of its own chronically struggling schools in 2010 through the renaissance initiative, it expected to see significant improvement. But five years after the transfer, the school has changed hands once again. (News Works)


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