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Upon graduating high school in 2014, 20 students from the District of Columbia Public Schools enrolled in an area college. Only one returned last fall for sophomore year, and that one student ended up dropping out. (U.S. News)
Just more than a year into his term, Gov. Mike Pence took a rare and risky step by surprising the Senate Education Committee by personally testifying for a preschool bill he was pushing. (Chalkbeat)
Members of the GOP this week debated and ultimately embraced an addition to the party’s platform that encourages public high schools to teach elective courses about the Bible, one of several moves that contributed to Republicans’ broad shift to the right. (The Washington Post)
Compared with other large Colorado school districts, Denver Public Schools has a higher proportion of teachers set to lose tenure under a sweeping educator effectiveness law passed six years ago. (Chalkbeat)
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) has tapped a teenager from Silver Spring to be the new student member of the Maryland State Board of Education, the first student from Montgomery County to serve on the board in two decades. (The Washington Post)


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