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News and Analysis 
In this week’s edition of Education Week, I wrote about South Carolina’s adoption and implementation of new standards intended to replace the Common Core State Standards. But one of my editors here, Kathleen Manzo, beat me to a similar story by about 17 years. Let’s go back in time! (Education Week)
Hillary Clinton told members of a powerful teachers union in Washington D.C. this week that organized labor has an important role to play in public education, and that critics of unions are “dead wrong to make teachers the scapegoats.” (MSNBC)
It’s official: State school superintendent Glenda Ritz is running for governor. Ritz said education will be her main platform, as she announced her candidacy Thursday at Ben Davis High School on the Indianapolis Westside, promising to run against her longtime antagonist, Republican Gov. Mike Pence. (Indy Star)
On a warm day in Ann Arbor in August 2013, a small group of educators attended a cookout at the home of Deborah Loewenberg Ball, dean of the University of Michigan School of Education. (Michigan Live)
Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who began building a national profile four years ago by sharply cutting collective bargaining rights for most government workers, has turned his sights to a different element of the public sector: state universities. (The New York Times)
Rhode Island
The Senate on Thursday approved legislation that would shift the authority for appointing Rhode Island’s two education commissioners from the state Board of Education to the governor with the Senate’s advice and consent. (Providence Journal)


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