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Scott Walker touted changes he’s made to K-12 education as governor in Wisconsin in a newspaper column published Wednesday, saying there’s “no reason” what he’s done in the state can’t be matched nationwide. (ABC News)
From Rand Paul on the right to Elizabeth Warren on the left, members of the Senate education committee pushed aside their policy disagreements earlier this spring when they voted unanimously in favor of a bipartisan revision to the widely reviled No Child Left Behind law. (The Washington Post)
Burnishing his own inroads with Latinos in New Jersey during his re-election bid, Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday urged the community’s most powerful business leaders to flex their political muscle and “start offending people” to fix the country’s education system. (
Senator Elizabeth Warren chastised the US Department of Education for what she says is a failure to enforce federal higher education rules at the expense of millions of students victimized by questionable for-profit colleges and student loan servicers. (The Boston Globe)
There’s a saying in famously egalitarian Norway that Curt Rice, the American-born incoming president of the country’s third-biggest university, likes to rattle off: “We’re all sitting in the same boat.” (The Atlantic)
The head of the Senate committee in charge of education legislation said Tuesday that he’d like to block two of the Obama administration’s key efforts to ensure colleges serve students well. (National Journal) 


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